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June 24, 2003

And the journey begins...

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The heat is on and I'm finally on my way!
I arrived in Oslo yesterday and spent a nice Midsummers-eve with Aleksander and Marte, after which I and Marte wanted to go out on the town. We never got that far tho, mostly due to getting bad directions and that our sense of direction was thrown of track by alcohol. Because of this we didn't get to the metro-station in time, and ended up walking around through some forests and residental areas for about two hours before getting a taxi back to Aleksanders apartment. It should also be mentioned that the rain was pouring down the entire tiime so we were both cold and completely soaked when we got back, which made a hot shower before bedtime a wonderful neccessity.

So I didn't get any time on the town in Oslo, but it still was a really nice evening. And in a few hours I'll be going to London, and then Singapore. I just hope it doesn't rain there...

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