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June 25, 2003

Destination Singapore

The Travel Channel

The Inncrowd common roomAnd so my travels are well on the way. After a nice but somewhat long planeride with British Airways from London I've finally arrived in Sinagpore. They say its a cool day as the weather is cloudy, but I still think its more than hot enough here... *puh*

Both immigration and customs in Singapore were eventless and after a quick taxi-ride I arrived at the Inncrowd. The place is a really nice backpackerhostel with lots and lots of nice people that is easy to get in touch with. Just before 7 o'clock almost all of us went out for dinner together with the owner, Hai. Eating at a foodcourtWe went to a local food-court and had some really good Satay, which is various types of fried meat on a stick with various kinds of saucedips. Afterwards Hai took us on a sightseeing around in the area where we had dinner, where we amongst other things looked at the Merlion. It is a half-lion, half-fish beeing in the form of a great statue placed out in the harbour as a tourist-attraction.
Singapore is a great city, but aircondition is a bare neccesity due to the heat of the equatorial sun.

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