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July 7, 2003

First day of School

Study all Day

Today was the first day we had compulsary sessions at School. For me it was 8 hours of general information about how to live in Brisbane and how the Study Abroad program works. A nice lunch was included and I managed to pick up my Student Identity Card and my password for QUT Virtual in between.

After the session it was barly time to go home for a shower before running of on a cruise with the wheel-steamer River Queen on Brisbane river. Organized by International Students Section it was a really nice trip in a beautiful setting where getting in touch with other Study Abroad students was easy. Amongst those I talked to were a couple of danish girls, as well as some americans whom are also living here at Southbank.

After the cruise almost everybody went to The Port Office bar for some more drinks, and there I happened to meet a Flight-attendant from Cairns which I'll be seeing again for coffee some other day.
And tomorrow Laurie, an english backpacker I met in Singapore, will be arriving in Brisbane to stay with us for a few nights. My days are packed :)

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