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July 9, 2003

There *is* a free lunch.

Brisbane Daily Life

As Laurie is leaving today we started the day off by going to the Roma Street Parklands, just to have seen the last of the attractions in Brisbane city. It was nice but I think Southbank is better. Its more 'human' and not as much of a museum for living plants. Afterwards we went over to Gardens Point campus where both the Student Guild and the International Student Section held free lunches for new students, which is my favorite sort of food (the part that it is free of course).

Around the Kidney Lawn there were also lots of stands by the various student societies with plenty of opportunities to sign on to upcoming parties and events beeing held during the next couple of weeks. I joined the Norwegian Student Club (naturally) and signed up for both the ISS-Welcoming Party, the Scandinavian Bar Crawl, a tour of the Gold Coast and a couple of other events. And I have to remember to sign up for the International Student Ball as well, as it would be a perfect occation to try out my new suit 'in the field'.

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