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July 17, 2003

A fun party

Party all Night

Today we went to Monica's and Simens' place to have a vorspiel, which was quite a nice apartment. But when leaving, Thomas wanted to jump in the elevator, and he did. Resulting in the elevator thinking it was falling, activating the emergency brakes and getting us stuck between two floors. It was kinda funny as all 5 of us had been drinking quite a lot, and it was our first time trapped in an elevator. Luckily we got cellphones so we just called a technician and was let out after 30 minutes or so.
Afterwards we went to a pub called Tinnbillys to party, and there we met Monica and her date. It was a nice pub, but not really my kind of place, so I walked around a bit to see if I could find somewhere better, but I couldn't. I returned to Tinnbilly, and as usual me and Thomas ended up going home to Southbank, while Thomas went to Spring Hill with his girl(?), Trine. And tomorrow it is the scandinavian pub crawl staring at The Port Office at 6.p.m. Get Ready to Party!!!

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