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July 25, 2003

Down Under party

Party all Night

Thomas & Simen & ThomasHoi!
Tonight the Norwegian Student Klub held the Norwegians Down Under party at Down Under Bar. It totally rocked! Tho my eyes hurt from wearing lenses all day and my mourth burns after a hot kebab I really loved this party. One of the best so far :) Just got home and now its *really* time for sleep. Goodnight!

Update @ 15:00:
Monica & Svein-MagnusThe party last night was awesome. Just like the pub crawl it was arranged by NorSK and they really throw good parties. We started by having a vorspiel here in the apartment with Are, Pierre-Paul, Trine, Simen and Monica. As the Down Under bar gets really crowded we went there early, around 8 p.m, and its good we did for the place was almost full when we arrived. At the door everybody paid $10 and got 8 free beer coupons and a rubber, which set the style for the party :)

Insert lots of drinking, dancing, flirting, playing pool and joining competitions between here and leaving for a kebab and a taxi home. I'm definitively going back to the Down Under Bar for more parties!


I was the barman that night in the Down Under Bar.. I have to say it was a bloody great night! You guys rocked and the tips were good too!! Now I'm back home in ireland looking up anything related to the Down Under Bar on the net. Sad I know

Posted by: Paul Redmond at May 28, 2004 2:27 AM
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