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July 25, 2003

My very first entry....

Brisbane Daily Life

I really don't know who, if anyone is reading this, but for the record...I'm Thomas Torgersen, I'm 20 years old and for the moment I'm living in Brisbane, Australia ,with Svein-Magnus *insert funny name* Sørensen and Thomas *insert funny name* Kjelsrud. I'm taking bachelor of Creative Industries; Media and Communication at Queensland University of Technology.
This is my first blog entry, and it's kind of late, and we have to get up around 6 or something tomorrow, 'cause we're going on a trip, that no one has even the slightest idea of what's about, to the Australian jungle with 4 danish students we hardly know. Sounds like a hole lotta fun to me! did actually want to read more of my magic words. Guess I can be quite convincing then...:P
What to write...Maybe something about me, since it's my blog? Who am I then? Ten dollars and a large bucket of that greasy stuff from KFC to the one who can give answer to that.
You got my name and my age. hmm..wanna see what I look like? Won't post any pics, at least not today, but if you take a look at Svens blog, under July 25 2003, you see three guys on a couch, two of them with pointy fingers. No I'm not the wasted one on the right whom can't even point straight, and no, it's not an E.T imitating contest!
I'm the one to the left with that white, dark patterned shirt saying to Sven "No! YOU where the one that invited that jerk sitting in the sofa besides me!" (The one in the middle is Simen, and he's not really a jerk. I was only looking for a way to introduce him. Simen, no offence to you:P Ok? No E.T imitating and no jerks on the picture. Simen lives with Monica up in Spring Hill, and we have been partying with them a few times. They are real cool people.)
We can talk a lot more about, Sven, Thomas2, Simen, Monica, school, Brisbane, sex, lies, toads, Skittles, cinema tickets, me and a lot more another day, because....
Damn! I have already used to much time with this blog tonight. It will be a pain in the arse (gotta love that word! One more and with a cool scottish accent; ARSE :P)to get up at 6am tomorrow! I'll better check in sometime later, maybe already tomorrow.
That's all folks!

Posted by Thomas FT at 11:29 PM
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