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July 27, 2003

Tired and drunk

Party all Night

E&W LogoAfter the rainforest tour we were all really tired, But as it is a saturday night we cant let that stop us now can we? So we took a hot shower, had a couple of beers with Are, and took a taxi up to the Valley to see if anyone were still there after a music festival thats been going on there lately.
It was almost too many people.. so we tried to find a quiet spot where we sat down for a while. After that while we went to The Elephant & Wheelbarrow with Florian, and we later met Trine and Kristin there as well. There were a live band playing coversongs at E&W, as well as a phaat drum'n'bass club downstairs, not to mention really expensive drinks... It wasn't the best party we've had, but it still was really cool :)

Update @ 16:45:
Beeing as we got up at 8 a.m yesterday morning, and then stayed out partying until long after 5 a.m this morning, all of us were dead tired today. I just got out of bed ;)

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