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July 27, 2003

The day after the rain forest excursion

Brisbane Daily Life

Hi again.
As written in the title, it's the day after the rain forest excursion. Sooo, want me to tell you anything about the trip then? No, you don't? Well, I'm gonna do it to you anyway!
I actually made it up at 6am, ok 6:45am, but still. It was early, and it was freezing cold! We, the three guys at SCA, dressed up in nice and warm shorts and shirts, thinking that it really was freezing cold, but it was early and the first rays of the new rising sun where probably just minutes away. It took a lot longer than that....

Oookay, the second verse is different than the first.
We where picked up at about 8am, and set sail for the rainforest.
The people on the trip was Sine, Susanne, Helle, Emil, Sven, Thomas2, Hans, a German called Florin (don't think you wright it that way, but that is something we have to learn to live with), two asians that we will call Ping and Pong, aaand me.
After some driving we arrived at Springbrook, a real redneck town that in addition to having kids that looks a hole lot like their mothers brother, even has it's own Big Foot, a Yowie. Guess the rednecks in Australia drinks a lot too.
We had tea/coffe (pick the one you prefer) and some cake, before we headed into the forest. We saw a lot of plants and trees, and it was quite interesting. It really was.
Then we came to a little rockpool with a waterfall running down in it. It looked like a little paradise. The snake in the paradise, you saw that coming right?, was probably the water. It was probably about 12°C. As the viking I think I am, I was the first in the water. Yeah, yeah, I was the first up from it also, but that doesn't matter you see, because I was the only one who had been in at that time! Then Thomas2 decided he had to do it too, so I went in again with him. And at last Flo (florin, Floorin, Florian, Fiona? Still don't know the typing) went in. All the rest where/are PUSSIES! Pussies I say! Or just a bit smarter than us, it all depends.
Then we ate some lunch, went to a lookout, had some beer/Cokoa (Yes, it was 2xThomas that ordered beer. We really wanted cocoa, but we don't know how to order it yet)
And then we drove home and took a look at our pictures. My first three pictures were from the busride and the tea party. Then came a picture of a tree, and a tree, and there was a tree, oh! and a brook!, then a tree, and a brook again, and yet another tree. I just know my friends will be all excited about those pictures!

Then came the evening. Are (you know who I'm talking about), came over. And we all had a few beers. Then we went to The Valley. There was a festival there this weekend. And there were people! I'm talking crowded, both in the streets and inside every pub and nightclub. we started up at Trinity, or something. Then we went to a kafè, or something. Then we went and met Flo, the German, and ended up at The Elephant and Wheelbarrow. Try being Norwegian and drunk, I know, they all are, but still... Try being Norwegian (and drunk) and supposed to explain someone on the phone, from a crowded place, where you are located. Some way or another Kristin (Disdis) and Irene made it. Are and thomas2 weren't really in the mood for a party, and left early. While the rest of us stayed out a lot later than your mother would have approved.
Woke up at 14pm, wrote this, and now I'm hungry enough to eat a possum. Yes, they aren't quite big animals and there isn't really much meat on them, but they are cute and funny, and you have to be quite hungry if you want to eat a cute and funny, and also filthy animal. Capiche? Filthy animal...I think I'll save that one for bed. Do you think it will work? "Yeah, dance for me....You know what I like...Who's your Daddy?, Who's your Daddy, you filthy animal." Seems good to me.
Ok, see you later alligator, in a while crocodile, you're so funny little bunnie!

Posted by Thomas FT at 4:20 PM
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