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July 29, 2003

Class schedule & The Ultimate Sub.

Brisbane Daily Life

SubWay subsToday has been a lazy day. Sleeping late, slacking a bit, reading up on some lecture-notes, getting some groceries from Coles Express, eating a sub and a couple of triple-choc-cookies.

I'm actually quite happy with the way my class schedule turned out. I've only got lectures and tutorials on tuesdays (5-9) and thursdays (2-9). This means I've got both mondays and fridays off every week, which enables me to do a lot more exploration as every weekend will be 4 days long. Can't complain about that! But what I can complain about is most of my classes are in the evening. This ruins the entire day as you can't plan to do something with anyone on those days. In the morning they are either at school, or sleeping, and if they got the evening off themselves, I still can't make plans with someone since I won't be ready for anything until 10 p.m, and that is is a bit too late to start something. But I guess I'll live. But I'm still bothered that thursdays are the main partynights amongst students in Brisbane, and I can't join in on the fun without skipping classes which I don't really want to do. *sigh*

Subway LogoBut on another view, I have decided for my favorite SubWay meal now. At least until I've tried the hot ones. In Norway the SubWay subs are really boring, and I've always preferred Trondheim's BigBite chain for my subs, but here in Australia the SubWays have a really great selection, so we have been eating there quite a lot. They have even got hot subs with beef and melted cheese, but I haven't tried those yet as I think subs are supposed to be cold. After testing various selections of the cold subs and spoiling most with jalapenõs or sweet chili dressing (which is a *lot* hotter here than i Norway), I've now found that my favorite is the Turkey & Bacon sub with Parmesan&Oregano bread, lettuce, tomato, onions, tomato-dressing and southwest dressing. YUM!

Another thing I really like about Australia is that here you can get fresh cookies anywhere. In Norway cookies are rare and expensive, and usually doesn't taste very good, but here they are usually fresh, always hot, and sold everywhere. They've got cookies at the Uni, the cinemas, in shopping malls, pubs, and in small cafès. After careful testing I've located an excellent cookie bakery next to Coles, so I've started stopping by there on my way home after buying groceries for a deilightful and fresh triple-choc cookie. They are the most delicious cookies ever! And I know this, for I have been eating quite a lot of cookies :)

And thats the way the cookie crumbles.

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