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July 30, 2003

Architectural Chaos

Brisbane Daily Life

Brisbane City ViewBrisbane isn't really a pretty city. This is partly due to that none of the architects designing buildings here have ever considererd that there actually will be other buildings next to the one they are planning, so all the buildings have its own style and is totally out of synch with the rest of the city.

Batman-buildingOld Casino
I'm not saying that all the buildings here are ugly, some of them are actually very nice. For example the Casino in a beautiful old building from the mid-eighteenhundreds, and the Riverside Plaza as a modern apartmentbuilding rising up from the Southbank Parklands. Then we have what we usually just call the Batman-building. Its have been dubbed that as it appears to be picked right out of the dark silhouette of Gotham City in the Batman-movies. It would be the perfect office building for a shadow-corporation planning to take over the world. Ironically enough it only looks scary in dayligth when the black facade and dark-blue tinted windows make a stark contrast to the rest of the city. After nightfall most of the windows light up like a christmas tree and the dark parts just disappear against the sky so it looks quite harmless. They should have made the windows one-way so the light from inside didn't show at night, but its still quite cool :-)

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