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August 1, 2003

Movienight at Susannes

Brisbane Daily Life

After my lectures ended last night I had been thinking about going to the Port Office as they have two drinks for the price of one all night on thursdays. But instead I went up to New Farm to visit Susanne (.no). We ended up just watching a bunch of movies along with Helene (her roomie), Grethe and some lazy oz-guy. First we saw The Gift, which is a thriller about a murder and some stuff. It was an ok movie, at least in comparison to the next one we watched: Anaconda. I frankly don't think I have ever seen anything more ridiculous or a worse excuse for a thriller. My expecations were low to start out, but it managed to be worse than I could ever have imagined. Despite this we still watched all of it.. didn't really have anything better to do. Afterwards we just lay in a couch talking and flipping tv-channels. As usual at nighttime there was nothing viewable on.. so it was mostly talking.
It was nice getting to know you Susanne :) *hugs*

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