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August 3, 2003

Yet another day

Brisbane Daily Life

Ok, I'm back! And aren't you all very excited?
Hmm-m? Last time we had been deep into the Australian jungle, fighting off tigers, zebras, killerwhales and that god damn Skippy, right? We didn't find Mowgli though, too bad. What have we been up to after that then?

On Wednesday there was the International Pubcrawl that we didn't attend. I also think there was a rugby math that night we didn't attent to either. Thomas2, Simen (pronounced like semen, by the way), Trine and myself were sitting in our appartment having a few beers. Thomas2, Trine and I watched Simen sleep and droole (you see girls, men CAN do two things at once), then we went to Queen Street, bought us selves a kebab and went home. Party people I say!
Yesterday (friday that is), us guys at SCA + Are , Simen and Monica went to a nightclub/bar (Belluchis or something). We played a few games of pool, had too much too drink etc, etc, etc... All in all an enjoyable night out.
Today, we went bowling. My friends in Norway see me as a Mr. Bowling or something, because I've worked at a bowling centre for 2 years, played in some league ++. I definitely wasn't him today. And my wrist is now official fucked up again (got an innflammation. Long, boring story)!
Gold Coast tomorrow, then a birthday party.

Posted by Thomas FT at 1:13 AM
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