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August 4, 2003

Beach & Birthday

Brisbane Daily Life

Ok, yesterday (sunday), Flo, Thomas2 and I went to Surfers Paradise. It was a bit cold and windy at first, but it got better.
We lay inn the sun, played some ball and took a swim. As it is winter here now, there weren't too many people on the beach, and espesially not in the water. But we thought the water was quite warm. And damn there's much power in those waves. If you didn't watch out, they closed down over you and slammed you to the bottom, no chance at all too fight it then.

Thomas2 and I left our mobile phones and cameras at home, because we were afraid they might be stolen. But they weren't (where's the logic? well don't ask me. I'm only writing this), what WAS stolen was Flo's bag. With his mobile, some money and cards ++. That sucks! (It really does!)

We got home, took a shower and really dressed up.
Destination: Pierre's birthdayparty.
We took a taxi to his house, but we didn't know that. So we used quite a lot of time to actually find it. How stupid is that?
Of course we were the only ones wearing a suit (almost typed dress there:P), but what the hell. Have to use it the few times you get the opportunity.
Afterwards we headed to a nightclub.
Don't know if it was because we were at the beach all day or whatever, but I got kinda drunk and disorderly (Yes, it probably was the alcohol, but I really didn't drink that much). No excuse for that, but I really hate it and kinda feels like saying sorry for it; Sorry.
Today I skipped my first lecture which was at 9am. But I still got two more today, that I will attend.
I'm in a need for a shower before my lectures, so I have to quit writing.

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checkoutmy page late this year.


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