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August 4, 2003


Brisbane Daily Life

So far we have been partying quite a bit in Brisbane, but we haven't been very much up in the Valley, so this friday we got together with the gang and went to Belushis. The place was nothing special, but somehow lots of other norwegians had found their way there this night as well, so it was quite fun even if it was somewhat eventless. Afterwards the three of us actually walked back to Southbank. It is a refreshing trip after a night partying, beeing at least a 45 minute hike through central Brisbane.

On saturday we figured we had to do something other than just partying, so we went to a bowling court with Simen and Are. Everybody expected TFT to beat everybody as he worked at a bowlingcourt in Norway and used to be quite good, but it turned out Are was the undisputed champ while TFT barely managed to beat TK and escape the disgrace of last place.

As mentioned by TFT the sunday was spent in Pierre-Pauls birthday party. It was held in a beautiful old victorian house which he shares with Inger and Anette, three pussycats and some australians, and for once it was a multinational party with five nationalities attending. Around midnight we moved the party to a club famous for beeing crowded at sundays, the Regatta. Most special is the toilets where one looks out to a chill-out garden through a one-way mirror while standing on the pissoar. Very Cool :)

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