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August 10, 2003

Do a got a lot to tell you?!?

Brisbane Daily Life

Let's start with thursday. Us at SCA went to see American Pie: The Wedding with about half of the swedish and norwegian society. The film was just as premature as the two previous ones, but good fun on a boring day.
Then we went to Port Office to have one or two beers. You know how it usually goes :P And to make it all a hole lot easier to just have that "one beer", it was "two-for-one" in the bar. I think I stopped on 5 and Thomas2 stopped after a few, but I don't think Svein ever stopped. Not until the bar closed. Give me a D! Give me an R! Give me an U! Give me a N! Give me a K! Do the spelling your self. But I guess we all reach that point once in a while.

On Friday, we went to see Intacto at Regents. It was a spanish movie about some people who had the ability to take other peoples luck. Probably sounds weird, but it was a good film. Give it a search on google or something to read what it's all about. Or just go and see it, it's worth the effort.
Friday evening was calm. We wanted to be in shape for the Sunshine Coast trip with Monica and Simen on Saturday.
We took a train towards the Sunshine Coast, but after a few misunderstandings we were stuck somewhere that at least weren't Noosa. But we took a cab to a nearby beach that was quite good. Water, sand and sun, but few people on the beach. Couldn't been better.
Simen and I were sent to buy a ball and some drinks. We had to go a quite far, and found the only shop that sold soccerballs. They also sold a lot of other fun stuff. So Simen and me came back to the beach with masks, water guns, dingbat, swim googles, ball, tennis balls, a thermometer, a freezbee++ all sorts of fun stuff, and then the others makes a big fuzz about us forgetting to buy drinks!! How ungrateful are they???!!
In the evening there were a birthdayparty for Stine (Kristin and Irene's flatmate). It was a great evening, but I got quite tired at the end, being at the beach all day, drinking beers and stuff.
I'm gonna meet Florian, Cedric and some other people at the highschool here in South Bank in 30 minutes for a basketball match and a BBQ in the park afterwards. So, gotta go!

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