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August 13, 2003

Monicas birthday!

Party all Night

Today (13th August) Monica had her 19th birthday!
We celebrated by having a BBQ with lots of norwegians and americans at the Roma Street Parklands, and afterwards we continued the party at Monica and Simens place. It was really fun, except that Monica tried to fulfil an american tradition of having as many shots as your age. And of course a girl really isnt' quite her self after 19 shots and a couple of beers... so we had to babysit her a bit. Afterwards we went to GPO and Belushis, but it wasn't really that much fun, despite it beeing a public holiday today (wednesday). It ended up with me and another norwegian going home to the american girls for a nachspiel. But as they didn't have anything at home I left quite early from there as well. But it was still a fun night! Lets just hope we can go parachuting tomorrow..


hey monica i admire you so much. i am ur numba 1 fan so im me back. i want to become a singer just like you. if i become a singer i would like to sing a song with you

Posted by: sara pinto at September 24, 2004 5:33 PM
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