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August 15, 2003

Birthday, Ekka and soon The 2003 International Ball

Brisbane Daily Life

I'm sitting here trying to think what I have done this week. It doesn't come to me easy today.
Let's start with tuesday then. First school, then BBQ/birthday party for Monica and John up in Roma Street Parklands. When we first arrived, there were a confirmation or something. At least there were many well dressed people eating, taking photographs and stuff. And then comes the Norwegians and Americans with heaps of cheap beer and burgers. I hope we didn't ruin their evening too much. On the other side of us there were heaps of crazy Japanese people, and amongst them one german guy. After some time a few of them had couriage enough to come over and ask if they could take a few pictures with us. I've learned some Japanese, and that is that a few means A LOT in Japan! Then Simen, Kim and I wanted to have some fun with them, and went over and asked them if we could take a picture of us amongst them. As a result of that I think there are a 100 pictures of us to be found in at least 30 Japanese photocollections. After that, our Japanese friends got a bit more couriage and came over to talk with us. "Yu Aussie? Yu teach mi inglish? You could see their hearts break when I told them I wasn't an Aussie.

At eight o' clock, when the park closed, we went up to Simen and Monica's. In the States there is a "rule" that says you have to take one shot for each year. I know Monica made her 19, and it also seemed as John made his 21. Enough about that! Afterwards people spread a bit, but I think most of us made it to GPO once or twice that evening.

On wednesday Simen and I went to the Ekka, an outback-to-the-city event. I don't think there were too much to see there. I mean I have seen cows, horses, ducks, pigs and other farm animals before. But there were a lot of people there, and it was fun just to have a peek.

Today is friday, I haven't done much yet, but we're going to The 2003 International Ball tonight.
See you later!

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