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August 17, 2003

International Student Ball

Party all Night

The meal we were servedThis friday the 2003 International Student Ball took place at Brisbane Convention Center. Us scandinavians have lots and lots of other parties to attend around the start of semester, so the Ball is primarily for the heaps of asian students here in Brisbane, but we decided to go anyway. Its always fun to party in a suit with all the girls dressed up in their best outfit :)

Svein-Magnus and IreneThe Ball itself it appeared kind of strange on us as it was held in an american fashion. The three-course dinner consisted of dozens of different hot and cold meals served as a buffet on each table, excluding the dessert which consisted of 5 different kinds of sweet-treats served on individual plates. Despite beeing served in an unorthodox fashion the food was absolutely delicious, as was the wine we ordered. During the dinner there were lots of on-stage entertainment from various cultures defining the theme of the I-Ball, "Unite and Celebrate". Afterwards a DJ played hit-list music for a couple of hours before everything closed at midnight. We had expected the event to last a bit longer and that the music would be a bit more classy than hip-hop, but it was fun nonetheless. Thomas and Thomas

We weren't ready to call it a night when the ball ended, so afterwards we went to Fridays to party some more, but the place was almost empty! After sitting around there for a while we decided to check out the Port Office instead, but it wasn't much better there. It really seems fridays nights is not the time to go out in the city, but according to some other people it had been really crowded in the Valley, so I guess we'll go there next time.

Monica and SimenIncluded in the ticket was a recovery party at the Level 5 Bar of the Hilton Hotel on saturday night. We had a vorspiel at Pierre's place before going there, but we soon left. It was primarily asians participating and the place was packed with people, so we decided that Exchange was more suited to our mood. There we had lots of fun playing pool and dancing until the break of dawn...


I wana know when the next IBALL is on for 2004. Can you email me back and let me know, please.
ps. not bothered to check out the posters around the streets

Posted by: yen at August 29, 2004 12:10 PM

yeah i want to know as well...also, are there any requirements to be able to go? eg age or if u have to be an international student etc...if u can help that would be fantastic =D cheers!

Posted by: shirley at November 13, 2004 1:37 AM
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