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August 23, 2003

NorSK Celebrity Party

Party all Night

LeeLoo from the Fifth Element
Woooo! Last night was one of the best parties I've been to since I got to australia! The theme was to dress-up as a celebrity, including characters from movies and the like, which turned out to be a great success!
We started out with a 3-course dinner at the irish pub Gilhooleys, with food and drinks of our choice from the menu, and a prize draw on the entry ticket where one could win a weekend-trip to Fraser Island. It was all really nice, with my date for the evening beeing Courtney, a lovely american girl I met at Monicas birthday party. After the dinner ended at 9p.m. and the prizedraw was over, everybody went over to the Port Office Hotel where a lot more people in costumes joined in on the fun!
People had been really imaginative in their choice of costumes, so attending were everything from the Hulk, Superman and SilverSurfer through Pippi-longstocking, Lara Croft, Marylin Monroe and Pochahontas to Micky and Minni Mouse, Zorro, Robin Hood and several Blues Brothers (of which I was one).
We partied until late and with wonderful people in stylish costumes this definatly became a night to remember! The prize for best costume went to a girl dressed as LeeLoo from "The Fifth Element", barely covered in a few small strips of white cloth.
Pictures will be released on the NorSK website shortly :)

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