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August 31, 2003

River Festival

Party all Night

riverfestival.gifTonight was the start of the annual Brisbane River Festival, with the greatest fireworks of the year taking place. Susanne invited me and Tommy to the River Place Apartments where Bjørnar lives, and it was a totally awesome show. Best of all was the serial fireworks from Story Bridge and the military jetfighters coming right at our building and then using afterburners and barely clearing the top. All of us were amazed! Bjørnar lives in the 28th floor, so we had almost the best view available and were totally enojying the best fireworks show ever! I'm still amazed at how they managed to synchronize the fireworks with the music played at Triple-M FM radio....

Afterwards everyone partied around in the building, amongst others with some colombians at 24th floor, omg those girls were nice :DD Later everybody went downtown, mostly to the Down Under Bar and Exchange, for more drinking and a wonderful night out. I just love the River Festival! :)

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