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September 3, 2003

What to do for SpringBreak

Brisbane Daily Life

Springbreak is coming up in less than a month, and I haven't given it much thought until I suddenly discovered that most trips are now fully booked and almost everyone I know have made plans already. Gaah!
Since staying in Brisbane would be insanely boring I quickly started looking at my options yesterday. What I really want to do is to go on the Queensland-coast trip from Extreme Adventures, but it is starting at $1400 not including the return trip from Cairns or sky-diving, so the price is a bit too steep, and I'd rather find something else. Monica, Simen, Thomas and a bunch of other people is going to sail the Whitsundays and drive around Fraiser Island, but they have already booked the trip and their group is most likely full. Christine is going to NZ with her boyfriend, and this is Jannes plan as well. Susanne booked a trip to Bali long ago with some friends, and the Danish girls are going to Sydney. Most of the other people I have talked to are just spending the week on the beach to save money, while a few others doesn't have any plans to travel at all.

The thing I am most eager to do is to gather up a group of people, rent a car and drive to Airlie Beach for a 5 day diving course to get the PADI Open Water Diving-license. The problem is I'm running out of people I know who would want to go, so if anyone reading this in Brisbane wanna come along on a trip like that, please do tell me about it!

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