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September 7, 2003

Sunrise over Brisbane

Party all Night

The german journalist, Florian, held a BBQ party last night with heaps of people. It was really great and there even was a bunch of australians attending, so all of us made lots of new friends!
Most of the people at the party talked about going to the Port Office, but as we left in groups noone seemed to appear there but us. The Thomas'es then went for a kebab and to bed while me and Tommy moved on to Embassy where we met some others norwegians, with whom we then went to Exchange when Embassy closed at 3.a.m. It wasn't the best night out, but when we afterwards went home to Tine and Bjørnars apartment at RiverPlace to have a nachspiel, and got to watch the sunrise from a balcony at 28th floor it was all wonderful :)

I *really* want to move to one of those apartments soon... especially since I won't be able to afford that level of luxery anytime soon back in Norway. We'll just have to see what happens after christmas when our lease expires :)

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