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September 14, 2003


Party all Night

Benedicte, Courtney og Svein-MagnusThis have been a weekend of real scandinavian partyfun!
On friday the Swedish Society held a Launch party for the newest product from Absolut Vodka, namely the Absolut Vanilia. As a launch party it wasn't anything special, but for a friday at the Port Office it was great! And it was made extra cool by having everyone wear white, which gave the entire function a kind of 'theme' in addition to the vodkathingie. It really makes the party stand out enough to make it memorable and extra fun! :)
The vanilia vodka was just that, vodka with vanilia taste which just as Vanilla Coke are not my preffered choice or taste. But I did discover that the Long Island Icetea served here is really great! It's $10 a drink, but then you get a big drink with 10cl alcohol, and its not like any of those pre-mixed LongIslands that you get most places in Norway.

Then on saturday there was another launch-party, this time celebrating the creation of a city-board for ANSA, the Association for Norwegian Students Abroad. It was held at Pig'n'Whistle Riverside with the entire biergarden reserved for us. Lots and lots of norwegians and swedes showed up, with some bringing american and australian friends as well! Again I had a great time at an excellent party with happy hour prices all night, norwegian party-music and the screening of the video from the Wineyard-excursion that took place earlier in the day. After Pig'n'Whistle closed at 3a.m most of the remaining partyers went over to Exchange, but by now people were starting to head home, and so did I. After all I do have lots of assignments to complete this week.

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