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September 19, 2003

Cinematic bliss

From my Point of View

Pirates skullLately I have been working a lot on my assignments to have them ready before departing on my springbreak adventure, but in between one needs to relax and as this fall have had an abdunance of great movie releases I can't find a better way than watching them on the big screen :)

On tuesday I discovered that the last showing of "Finding Nemo" was coming up, so I scrambeled to catch it while I could. And I'm glad I did, for it was quite amazing. For with a good story and even humourous for adults it stands among all the great Disney movies that have been made lately (of which "The Emperors New Groove" is a definite number 1).

Then today Are tried to get a group along with him to see "Pirates of the Caribbean", and as ignoring a good chance when it comes is a bad thing, I gladly joined in on the fun. The movie was great! Lots of swashbuckling action and I really got the urge to play "Sea Dogs II" (aka. "Pirates of the Caribbean".. go figure). Thats not to say there weren't a couple of boring scenes in between, but overall I had a good time with lots of laughs!

Coming up next is a wide range of adventurous action movies, including: "Bad Boys II", "Tomb Raider II: The Cradle of Life", "S.W.A.T.", "Underworld", "Kill Bill", "Desperado 3: Once upon a time in Mexico", "The Last Samurai", "Matrix Revolutions" and last, but likely to be the grandest of them all, the final installment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy: "The Return of the King".

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