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September 21, 2003

Sneaker trouble

Brisbane Daily Life

As I am going on the Extreme Adventures trip on tuesday morning, I needed to get some new stuff to get ready. First of all a travel-bag was required, and I am now the not-very-proud owner of a nice black Sportec-bag worth $15.
Last wednesday I was playing basketball up in New Farm when the sole on one of my old sneakers fell off, so this means a new pair were in order, preferrably before departure, but that was easier said than done.

After checking out a couple of stores without any luck I found that they have an excellent selection of Nike sneakers at Footlocker. I've always used Nike, they have served me well so I see no reason to change that. After trying on half-a-dozen different shoes I find a pair I really like. They're black with full-foot air-cushioning and a great sole for all-purpose use. Naturally they were the most expensive shoe the store had for that use, but for once I wanted quality sneakers as I've always gone for the cheaper models before.
Very well, as my size is 12 (US), I asked for this size, and the clerk brought me a pair of shoes. I tried them on to make sure and they fit nicely, so without further hesitation I paid up and went home quite happy.

But wait, its not over, for when I got home and walked them around the house a bit to wear them in, I noticed that they were a bit larger than my foot. I check the size and their size is 13! (This is of course the UK size 12, so the guy might have picked up my accent and thought I refered to the UK sizes or something.)
Upon making this discovery I prompty return to the store to swap them for the shoes I wanted, but alas, they haven't got any left. But beeing service minded the clerk brings me a pair of 11:s and has me try them on. I comment on them beeing a bit tight, but he insists that if I bring them home and try them out they will strecht to fit me nicely. As I'm no expert on how much stretch there is in recent Nike sneakers I hesistantly agree, he is after all supposed to have a certain knowledge about shoes, so I take them home.

I do as requested, put them on and wear them around the house for an hour, but instead of streching my toes start to ache. As I expected the shoes didn't fit, which again brings me back to Footlocker for another swap. I guess they are starting to consider me a difficult customer now, but this time they do what they should have done in the first place: Namely call up the Footlocker store in the Myer Centre to check if they have any size 12:s. As it happens, the Myer centre store did have some left, so I went there to pick them up and am finally in posession of the size 12 Nike AirMAX '95:s that I wanted. *puh*
This is almost like a Seinfeld episode ;-)

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