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October 1, 2003

Extreme days!

The Travel Channel

The last couple of days have been completely amazing and the most actionpacked and wonderful of the entire trip. Just during the last 48 hours we have done no less than all of the following:

  • Been living at the 5-star Cairns Colonial Resort
  • Scubadived at 7 meters for 30 minutes on the outer Great Barrier Reef.
  • Snorkeled and freedived for hours around the same waters.
  • Performed a tandem skydive from 10.000 feet above Cairns with 30 seconds free fall!
  • Bungeejumped off a 54 meter high tower out in the rainforest.
  • Been whitewater-rafting down the category 4 Tully River.
  • Partied excessively every night at the Woolshed, whereafter we have been doing nightly swims in the pools off the artificial beaches at the resort.

So how is this for a springbreak-vacation? :-D
But unfortuanatly everything is now past, tonight we are having a good-bye party as it is the last day of the trip and we have to leave all our newfound friends *snif* We'll all try our best to keep in touch!
Love you people <3

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