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November 2, 2003


Party all Night

swesoc-halloween.jpgLast night the Swedish Society Halloween Party took place, and it was the coolest one ever! It started with everyone gathering outside of QUT to catch a bus out to Castle Rumble, a location especially made for events like this. Everyone had really worked on their costumes so it all looked really great! There was naturally lots of devils, zombies and vampires attending, but also some samurais, a couple of skeletons and some militia types. The price for best costume went to Kim dressed as Freddy Krüger, with Simen beeing runner up as a Were-wolf. After socializing and playing some games at the Castle the busses took us back to the city for a kick-ass afterparty at Hotel Orient. This was great fun and I hope there will be more parties like this to come :-D
Pictures will come in the gallery at Swedish Society!

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