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December 10, 2003

Preparing to move

Brisbane Daily Life

During christmas I will be moving in with Benedicte at Cathedral Place, but as the apartment is unfurnished I would have to acquire some furniture for my room. Luckily I mentioned this when watching Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Extended Edition with Are a week before we went to Tasmania. It turned out that they has lots of stuff in the house where he lives that they were going to get rid of before he goes back to Norway on the 12th, so today I called Yellow Couriers and got myself a queensize-bed, a desk and a bookshelf for free! Talk about beeing in the right place at the right time :-)
I stashed everything into my room-to-be, and have now started on the paperwork involved before I can officially move in.

It's going to be great moving closer to the Valley and be living just 2-3 blocks away from Chinatown, Brunswick Train Station, supermarkets, and heaps of bars and resturants. Where I'm living now its 5 blocks to wherever, and even further to most places with no buses very close. The city will of course be further away than it is now, but there is always the free-bus loop that can take me to Uni or the Mall should the need arise.

Btw. does anyone have an office/desk-chair for sale?

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