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December 11, 2003


Brisbane Daily Life

marsipangris.jpgWoohoo! Today I'm 23 years old. YaY! :-D
In the big box I got when I returned there was one gift marked for my birthday, and it contained a marzipan-pig my parents smuggled through customs! YuMmEY! Gotta love them!
Been cleaning up a bit here now, and I have just been downtown to buy lots of beer and chips. But *puh* it's too hot to be doing all this work today, so I need another shower now as a couple of friends are coming over later for some alcohol-induced socialising :-)


Happy Birthday - my daughter's is tomorrow.

By any chance do you know what "torsk" is? I am trying to figure out a recipe and this was one of the ingredients! I am perplexed!

If you can would you e-mail me.

Posted by: Ginger at December 12, 2003 2:48 PM
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