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December 18, 2003

Moving, drinking and getting ready for X-mas!

Brisbane Daily Life

The last week I have been a tad more busy than usual, but now things are coming together and christmas is soon upon us. I've finally signed all the papers required for my move to Cathedral Place, paid rent for january, dusted off the furniture I got from Are, and bought sheets and a quilt-set for my new Queen-sized bed. Over the weekend I'll start transporting most of my stuff up there getting ready to move in permanently on christmas day.

Yesterday was spent helping Benedicte and Cathrine to move over to Courtney's place before joining them in lots of beer and dancing at the Stock-Exchange. Due to bad weather the rest of the week was spent indoors, sorting music and watching Babylon 5, except of course for saturday night on which Down Under Bar was the place, and I met up with Hans and Stina amongst others.

Christmas Eve this year will be spent with a large group of Norwegian and Swedish friends for a real Scandinavian christmas-party organized by Christine, Therese and Marianne! They've gone to great lengths preparing so I hope this will be a memorable night. At the very least it is going to be a very different christmas this year as I'll be celebrating with friends in the state of sunshine and beachlife instead of with my family in the snow-covered darkness of northern Norway, but thanks to all the party-organizer at least the Pinnekjøtt and other norwegian christmas-foods will be served as is our tradition. I'll even get to have it twice as the Norwegian Student Klub is having a second scandinavian christmas-party on boxing day! This is of course only after watching the Australian-premiere of the Return of the King, this years most awaited movie giving us the thrilling conclusion to the Lord of the Rings saga! I can hardly wait!

Oh, and I've also recieved next semesters money from the State National Loan Fund, so I'm rich once again :-D

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