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December 27, 2003


Party all Night

The last couple of days have been really great, and chrismas eve was even better than expected! I got up early and went over to Courtneys place where Benedicte and Cathrine had made christmas-rice-porridge, including the almond and a marzipan-pig for the finder. Then we spent some hours walking around in the city doing the last of the chrismas shopping before I dressed up and went to Christine and Mariannes christmas-party.
Christines brother was visiting from Norway, and as he is a chef he was put in charge of the food, and what a meal that was! We got all the traditional norwegian christmas dinners with the required side-dishes, then we socialised and drank Aquavit and Cognac before 'Santa' showed up with gifts for everyone! We ended a great party by watching "Flåklypa Grand Prix" on a big screen tv. It really was a great norwegian christmas in Australia :-)

After sleeping in on Christmas Day, I cleaned out the apartment and packed up the rest of my stuff before taking a cab up to Cathedral Place where I unpacked everything and just savoured my new place. I really feel great about this apartment and especially the pool-area...

And finally the wait is over, yesterday the Return of the King finally premiered in Australia so I was there with Tommy at the 13:30 showing. It was absolutely amazing, especially the great battle of Minas Tirith. So now Its just 9 monhts until we get the Extended Edition on DVD... but parties are a great way to burn time, and this night it was time for the Norwegian Student Klub christmas party. It was held in the club-house of the Norwegian Club of Queensland, with an old emigrated norwegian that makes pinnekjøtt as a hobby to keep the old traditions alive. Lots of friendly people and heaps of fun as we danced around the christmas-tree and later went on to the Port Office and then the Exchange. So it was another great night out followed by a relaxed day at home today, and I finally tried out the pool and the hot-tub. Next to test is the gym tomorrow morning... maybe.

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