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January 27, 2004

Valleyparties and Australia Day

Party all Night

As my parents have now left I could finally spend some time with friends again, so this friday I had my first real party in the Valley since I moved here. Runar and Karianne had a vorspiel in their apartment here at cathedral first, and we then checked out several cool places elsewhere. Later in the night I ended up at the Family, Brisbanes only real club, and I must say the change in music was extremely welcome, despite the $10 covercharge. Everywhere else in Brisbane they only play Top40 or R'n'B music of which most fall into both categories, and I'm quite frankly getting a bit tired of it. It really wouldn't hurt them to do something different once in a while...

On saturday we did a whole other thing, with Rune and Tommy having a cocktail-party at their house. This means everyone brings a bottle of spirits or liqueur for common consumption, with everyone mixing whatever they like from the selection at hand. Lots of fun and a really cozy mood due to a power blackout caused by an awesome rain and thunderstorm passing by. On my way to the party I got so drenched from running the 15 meters from my door to the main building that I had to return home and change into dry clothing before getting a taxi up to Kelvin Grove.
Around midnight most of the bottles were starting to empty, so I joined Maria and a friend in a taxi to Jorge for some real bartender-mixed drinks, and then to Sun Bar and Fringe Bar in the Valley. Another great night out even if I got a bit tired near the end.

A lazy sunday was spent indoors watching tv before Australia Day on monday the 26th. Me and Tommy went downtown around noon to get in on the free BBQ held on Goodwill Bridge, but with a hundred meter line we skipped the lousy hot-dogs and went over to the Story Bridge Hotel to watch the 23rd annual Cockroach Races! Lots of drunk people early in the afternoon with cashprizes for the fastest cockroach, the crowning of Miss Cocky, and lots of other festival-activities going on. Great fun but waay to hot with the sun baking overhead, so after a couple of hours we joined Nils and friends in their pool just across the street. It felt wonderful with a dip!
After stopping by home for a shower I returned to Jorge where they were having a BlackMarket afterparty for the Good Vibrations music-festival that took place in the Botanic Gardens today, but not all that many people showed up, possibly due to most beeing tired after a full day of parties... I said hi to Maria who also dropped by, and chatted up a half-italian beauty with whom I went to Exchange later on, before going home.

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