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February 2, 2004

It's raining

Brisbane Daily Life

Today it is dripping from the skies. Not much, just a slow drizzle, but its been going on for hours which is a bit unusual. Most nights we get a dreadful rainstorm, with tons and tons of water just pouring down, but then it tends to last just half-an-hour or so.
Last sunday I went out to sit in the spa during the worst rain, just because. I was annoyed that it had drenched me when I was on my way to Runy & Tommy's coctail party, so I just did it to feel good.
Then this sunday I was out in the spa, and in less than 3 minutes it went from partly-cloudy and sunny to the worst rainstorm ever. It was like someone had dropped the ocean on top of us, but after 15-20 minutes it all stopped, and before long the sun peeked through the clouds and everthing was beatiful again. Really strange this weather down here.

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