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February 8, 2004

Unterresting days

Brisbane Daily Life

Nothing much have been happening lately. The days just pass while I plan out what to do. I hope I can squeeze in a week in Melbourne soon, but time is running out as I'm starting the PADI course for my diving license on the 28th. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get my divers medical, just pray it goes well. Also I need to send my drivers licence to the norwegian embassy to have it translated, which in turn enables me to get a learners license for motorbikes so I can sign up for a Q-ride course.

There was a big party on thursday as Stina had finished her last summer-exam, so they had a BBQ with heaps of people down at River Place, complete with a party in their apartment and then going out to the Valley afterwards.
Lots of fun :)

The only other things I've done lately is join Orkut, setting up a good profile and some communities there, and started to play Transport Tycoon again. Oh and I went to the movies with Thomas and Emma yesterday to see "Underworld". It was a really cool movie, but it could have been so much more with a better script. It was bad because it took too long to get into the story, and there was all these parts in between that made no sense at all. Also the head-chopping sequence at the end was too far-fetched even from the world-view presented in the movie, so that part get thumbs-down from me.

And now I'm thinking of going downtown to see another movie.. now if only Stina would return my call soon so I know if they will come or not...

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