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February 13, 2004

Working on a new layout

Website Updates

The last couple of days I finally got around to designing a bit again. What you see here is more or less the layout my page will have the next couple of months. It is only applied to the index-page as of yet, so the rest of the pages look horrible for the time beeing. Also I haven't started on text fonts and coloring, so I will be tweaking and fiddling around with the page a bit during the days to come.

Please post any suggestions you may have as a comment! Also if anyone could tip me on how to get the corner-image to sit on top of the div-borders it would make me really happy!

Yes the picture in the logo has been retouched a little bit. I had to paste in a replacement head you see... This is actually the first time I have performed such an extensive retouch of a picture, so if any of you photoshop-wizards have any hints on how to improve it a little bit, I would really appreciate it!

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