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February 16, 2004

Movies and Bunk

Brisbane Daily Life

bunk.gifLast thursday Are returned to Brissie, and since he don't have anywhere to stay he is crashing at my place until he can find something suitable. He has also signed up for the same PADI Open Water diving course as me, so that should be qute a bit of fun. The action starts the 28th!

There isn't really much to do these days, so we have been at the movies several times lately, seeing amongst others "Timeline", "Torque" and "Somethings Gotta Give". And when we returned home after the latter, we ended up watching "Swordfish" and "The Last Boyscout" on the telly. We're kindof addicted it seems :P
Not that any of the movies were really good either. Out of the new ones the only one deserving of mention at all is "Somethings Gotta Give", who had a few good one-liners. The rest of them was just plain medicore. I hope there will be an upswing in good movies sometime soon.. perhaps with the release of "Troy"?

Valentines Day wasn't anything special. Tommy joined us at the movies and later me and him went over to Bunk, a new backpackers bar just across the street. Cool place, but it wasn't very crowded so we moved on to some other bars around the Valley instead. So it was all more or less like a regular saturday night out.

But now I'm going to start reading in my diving-book, have to get through all of it before the course starts, and its all fun as well! :-D

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