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February 24, 2004

Ready, set, dive!

Brisbane Daily Life

padi.gifAs I didn't really know about any diving-stores in the area, I called Rune and asked if he wanted to take me to one (lucky guy has got a car down here!). He agreed and took me and Are to ProDive so that we could accessorise before our diving-course starts this saturday. We both needed fins, mask, snorkel, a wetsuit and a weightbelt. The two latter is kind of expensive so we'll just rent those when we need to, but the rest we had to get. I even had a bit of luck as Rune was selling off his own equipment, so I got some state-of-the-art stuff for a really good price. Despite this it still turned out more costly than I had anticipated, setting me back about $400 AUD all in all. But that really doesn't matter if I get superior performance when I go underwater :-)

For the diving-equipment geeks among you this is what I got:
Mares X-Vision mask (black)
Mares Stream Dry snorkel (blue)
Tusa DB-3600Z Dive Boots (black)
Mares Volo Power fins (black)

If I really like this stuff Rune also had a compass, knife, gloves and some other equipment for sale, but I really don't think I can afford it this semester...

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