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February 27, 2004

International Welcoming Party

Party all Night

studentguild.gifLike last semester, the International Students Section held a welcoming party at the Student Guild Bar, and as it was a great party last year a bunch of us decided we would go. It's always good to get to know some of the new arrivals in Brisbane as we'll most likely be hanging out with some of them the next couple of months. Also like last semster there was about 70% norwegians attending the party, which really wasn't surprising at all...
I went over there around 8p.m and met up with Thomas, Tommy, Kim and several other old friends, and then chatted up a lot of new ones! I really enjoyed myself as there was a good crowd of nice people and everyone wanted a good time. There wasn't as much games and competitions happening as last year, and instead of beeing bussed to the GPO, the afterparty were held at the Port Office Hotel. It's not very far away, so most of us walked down there around midnight for more fun and good times :)

So to summarize I had a great time last night, and even woke up early this morning without feeling any after effects of the alcohol, and that is always a good thing. Especially since I needed to do a bit of studing today, and had to answer heaps of questions about diving as the theory part of my PADI course starts tomorrow morning at 08:30. Since I have to get up really early I'll be going to bed very soon. But first, I'm gonna watch the latest episode of Enterprise!

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