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March 2, 2004


Study all Day

QUT LogoYesterday marked the start of Semester 1 - 2004, and for once it was a really good one. I originally belived that I did not have any lectures on monday, but upon closer inspection of my unit-details I located a lecture in Network Services from 7p.m - 9p.m. This meant new plans for the night, but for once that wasn't a bad thing!

When the lecturer showed up my heart first sank, because he was an asian. Not that I have anything against asians, but most of the asian lecturers I have heard since I got here are not very fluent in english, which makes it really tiresome to listen to them for a whole lecture, if you even manage to understand them at all...
But my doubts quickly vanished when he got started, for this guy was the most fluent, easy-speaking and interesting lecturer I've had in years! I learned heaps during the lecture and never even once found myself beeing bored, but rather had problems finishing reading the slides before he changed them!
This is definitively a class I will attend regularily. something I cannot say about the lecture in Distributed Systems that I attended today. Once again, an asian tutor, this time a woman who had recently moved to Australia. I shouldn't really complain here, for with some effort it was actually possible to understand everything she said, but it just gets to be so much work to follow the lines of thought when you need to concentrate just to hear the words, not to mention that it gives me problems reading the slides at the same time. It all gives me a headache. Hopefully there will be someone speaking good english in the lecture of my third unit tomorrow.

With the start of a new semester also comes the buying of books, and its just as annoying every year, mostly due to the insane prices of uni-materials. Last semester I got away with buying one book, but this year I had to get 4 of them for a total of $380 AUD. It's money I'd rather have spent somewhere else, but I guess that comes with beeing a student. At least the books this semester appear to be good ones, so that I would be interested in keeping them afterwards for reference, unlike the useless heaps of paper we were required to use on Sør-Trøndelag University College. They were usually so bad that lecturer changed them the following year, which meant we couldn't even sell them afterwards! A complete waste of money...

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