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March 5, 2004

Scandinavian Pub Crawl

Party all Night

Team AntonsenLast night the biannual Scandinavian Pub Crawl took place, and despite a record high of attendees last time there was even more partygoers this year!

As usual we all started out at the Port Office, had the first couple of drinks and was split into groups by our nametag colours. Each group then went on a pubcrawl to three different clubs, for me this included Pig'n'Whistle Riverside, Gilhooleys Riverside and Jorge, before everyone met up again at City Rovers for an awesome afterparty. The crawl itself was really great, but City Rovers wasn't quite big enough for that many people, which made it overcrowded and difficult to find people. A great night proven by my headache this morning o_O

But the parties are not over yet! Tonight a pair of famous norwegian comedians, the Team Antonsen, are going to have a stand-up show here in Brisbane as part of their Australian Tour. The show however is in norwegian, which some might find a bit strange for a show held in Australia, but despite this more than 300 advance tickets have been sold just in Brisbane, so they even had to schedule an extra sitting! I really hope this will be fun, but if not there always is the afterparty at Jorge :-D

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