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March 7, 2004

Dead tired!

Brisbane Daily Life

padi.gifThe last couple of days have been really packed, starting with lots of lectures in the beginning of the week, then the scandinavian pub crawl, then Team Antonsen stand-up on friday with a short afterparty, before I yesterday morning had to get up at 7a.m to go diving. We were to have a training session in the Yeronga Swimming Pool, to acquire all the neccessary skills before going out in real open water. It was a lot of fun actually, but it took a long time so we ended up spending about 8 hours mostly in the water near the surface, doing lots of swimming and various skills. After such a day you are usually quite beat, but in addition it was really sunny so we also got a good sunburn that makes lieing on your back a -real- pleasure. Sunblock doesn't really work when you are in the water all the time, but I guess thats the price to pay for getting certified down here. At least I don't have any plans today except relaxing at home and maybe watching a movie with some friends later!

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