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March 8, 2004

Fårikål and Film

Brisbane Daily Life

faarikaal.jpgToday I got together with Runar to make a traditional Norwegian dish: Fårikål, which translated to english is Mutton in cabbage. It's real easy to make, you just put lamb and cabbage in layers with flour salt and pepper in a big casserole, and cook it for 2-3 hours. Serve with cooked potates and enjoy! I really like it, but it turned out that Australia is a bit too hot for this kind of fatty and solid meals. Especially now with summer temperatures around 35 degrees, you really want to eat something a bit lighter then...

After dinner I went to the Network Services lecture which I really enjoyed last week, but of course the lecturer was a new one, and one that sucked. This of course means that I could just as well read the lecture notes at home, so I left and went to see 'Once upon a time in Mexico' instead. Great movie! Lots of fun and good action, but a bit too tightly cut so the story was somewhat hard to follow. Still a definate recommendation if you liked El Mariachi and Desperado.

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