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March 12, 2004

A memorable cruise

Party all Night

The second of the big parties held by the Norwegian Student Club, namely the Rivercruise, was held last night. About 300 guests boarded the party-boat at 7:30 getting ready for a 3 hour cruise on the brisbane river, with heaps of free food and drinks all the way. There was a band playing as well, but I don't think anyone paid much attention to them. People were much to busy eating and drinking and having fun together!

After landfall we got into some buses and were driven over to Fridays for a great afterparty. Once again, heaps of fun despite the drinks not beeing free anymore :) I think I ended up going home around 4a.m, but only after getting one of the amazing hot-dogs they sell from a small shack just outside Fridays, definatly the best in the city!

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