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March 13, 2004

Open Water Diving

Brisbane Daily Life

padi.gifToday we did our two first Open Water dives, in Tweed River at the Gold-Coast just across the border to New-South Wales. Since the river is greatly affected by the tides, we could only dive right when the tides changed. Since the low-tide change occured at 8:30a.m we had to get up at 5a.m in the morning if we were to be ready when the tide turned, *yawn*.

We had to get in the water from some rocks at a molo, and of course I managed to cut several fingers when crawling down. I quickly decided that I needed to get me some divers-gloves, so when we were re-filling our air-tanks at a diveshop between the dives I bought a pair of Mirage Honeycomb gloves. Not only was the price really good to start with, but I even got 25% off since we were training with QUT-UWC!

The dives were nothing special, with the first one having lousy visibility as it was low-tide, but it really didn't matter as we only practiced some skills. The second one was a quite good adventure dive, but only lasted about 20 minutes. Nevertheless, diving is fun! and next saturday we'll do the two final dives needed to get certified! :-D

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