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March 21, 2004

One long day

Brisbane Daily Life

bunk.gifYesterday was awesome!
Got up real early to catch high-tide at Tweed River with the PADI-course. Everything went smoothly with out two dives and the exam afterwards, so now I'm finally a certified open-water diver! We managed to squeeze in both dives at high-tide, so we could finish up early and get back to Brisbane which meant I just had a change of clothing and then went to the Swedish Society pool-party at Bunk! Not too many people had showed up, but with Geoff, Tommy and Rune around we had plenty of fun!

Around 7-ish everyone went home to shower up and change, which isn't too far since Bunk is just across the street from Cathedral Place. Erik came over to my place a bit later and we had some beers before returning to Bunk for the launch-party of their bar 'Birdee Num-Num'. ANSA have made a deal with them so that we get in past the line at any time so there were heaps of scandinavians there, almost everyone I know in Brisbane actually!
This was one of the best nights out I've had in a while, and those Midori Illusions are just awesome. YummeY! After Bunk closed at 3a.m I went over to Press Club with several of the others, but I was starting to get really exhausted so I went home shortly thereafter. No wonder really since I'd been up and in activity for more than 20 hours straight. Even after sleeping late today I'm feeling ready to get back to bed now, but it was all worth it :-)

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