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March 30, 2004

A good party before a busy week

Brisbane Daily Life

This saturday was another good long day, just like last week, starting out with me having dinner and watching "Big Fish" with Benedicte. The movie was really nice, a welcome change from all the action and horror movies I've seen lately, but still with a decent story and the classic happy ending, and of course the company was great :-)

A bit later we took a taxi out to Courtneys new house by the Nathan campus of Griffith University. Except for it beeing quite a bit outside of the city it was an awesome house! I'm tempted to say its the coolest house I've seen down here, with lots of room, a cool interiour, and the mandatory pool in the large back yard. Its even possible to jump from the second floor balconies and straight into the pool. Gotta love that!

After hanging around at the party until about midnight, the three of us took a taxi back downtown and headed for Down Under Bar. Heaps of friends there as always, and a great party! I headed home around closing time, but ran into a bunch of people just outside my door here at cathedral, so I joined them for a nachspiel lasting until the break of dawn... and beyond :-)

I'm happy it turned out to be such a great day, for this week there isn't much fun to be had besides the NorSK theme-party on friday. I've got heaps of assignments to complete as they are due just after easter. Also I really need to get ahead on my Project, and I have to familiarize myself with my new job. Yes job! I'm kind of low on cash this semester due to the exchange rates going the wrong way, so I've just gotten myself a job as a code-reviewer for an upstart IT-company. The pay is good and the work seems interesting, so it'll be a good experience.
The reason all of this is giving me lots of work this week despite the due dates not beeing until late April is that on the 6th of April I'm going to New Zealand! I'm staying there for 10 days, and will just be back in Brisbane in time for the Advanced Open Water Divers course. I'm a busy bee :)


Da er det vel bare for oss å begynne å lete etter en jobb "down there" da... Sukk...

Posted by: Veronica at March 30, 2004 8:03 AM
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