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April 24, 2004

The busy-weeks are almost over

Brisbane Daily Life

After returning from New Zealand last friday I knew I had a hectic schedule for the next two weeks, but I didn't know how hectic until I got the flu as well...
There was both an advanced divers course, two assignments, two mid-term exams, lots of project work and my new job to take care of. Plenty more than I appreciated, but now I'm almost done with everything!

For those awaiting a travelentry from New Zealand, I promise it'll be up soon! Due to my workload I haven't had time to finish it yet, but it's on its way and will have heaps of pictures! It's about half-done, so expect it online in a couple of days.

Upon our return to Brisbane I barely had time to repack and organize the retrieval of some equipment for my continued diver training before getting some much-needed sleep after more than a week of travelling. Already saturday morning I had to meet up with Brad and Are to do the Adventure Diver certification, once again down at Tweed River just across the border to NSW. As we needed to do a night-dive we didn't return home until late, barely giving us 6 hours of sleep as we had to catch a diveboat to Curtain Artificial Reef early-early on sunday morning.
The Underwater Navigation Dive wasn't all that special, but the Drift Dive and Night Dives were really awesome. Especially the Night Dive where we saw some really cool sea-creatures that only comes out after dark, and we played around with a Pufferfish, putting a light to it so the entire puffed up body shone like a lantern! Great fun :-)

Despite beeing very tired we all got up in time for the boat, and got ready for a day of cool diving. Curtain Artificial Reef is a shallow area just off Moreton Island where lots of old ships and scrap have been dumped to provide a protected ecosystem for fish and corals. Beeing man-made its a lot cleaner and safer to dive on than 'real' wrecks, and almost as cool as the Great Barrier Reef! Our first dive was a Deep Dive where we went down to 30 meters, and you can really feel the difference despite none of us feeling any Nitrogen Narcosis, and on our second dive we made a completely awesome drift dive across several of the shipswrecks, seeing heaps of cool fish and eels. See my upcoming dive-page for more details on these dives!

After returning ashore and driving back to Brisbane I suddenly started feeling really cold, and since I had a real busy week ahead of me I just HAD to get a bad case of the flu, and had to stay in bed for a couple of days. *sigh*
It took some effort but despite my illness I have managed to finish up both my assignments and have them handed in on time, arrange a meeting with my employer, and I've just completed the first of the exams today! One down - one to go, but there is still a lot of work I need to put into my project...
At least the items with due-dates coming up have been dealt with in time, so tonight I'll be relaxing and attending Carinas delayed birthdayparty! Congratulations :-)


Hvordan har du råd til å reise så mye?

Posted by: Veronica at April 28, 2004 11:11 PM

Man bruker sparepenger og lever mye på nudler :-)

Posted by: Telcontar at April 29, 2004 4:59 PM
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