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May 4, 2004

Still keeping busy

Brisbane Daily Life

Carina & SveinI was hoping the worst workload would pass just after my last entry, but it appears I was wrong. There's been lots to do the last week-and-a-half as well with my both my project and my job, and I've got another mid-term coming up on saturday followed by an assignment due the 17th of May. It's all a bit boring and longwinded despite most of it beeing very interesting, but I guess I just have to hang in there and get it all done. In addition I'm almost out of money now, so thank god that the exhange-rate has finally dropped below 5:1 again! WooHoo!!

Well at least me beeing busy hasn't all been due to boring work lately. Carina's birthday-party was a lot of fun, starting with a BBQ vorspiel before we went out to the Regatta and the Down Under Bar. As usual there were heaps of familiar faces and everybody in a great mood at the DUB, making it another great night out! The DUB was also revisted by most of us last thursday after a ScanOz-infoparty at the Port Office, and last friday on the night to the 1st of May when the place was completely packed with norwegians. The night to the 1st of May is a big party-day in Norway, somehow related to the Labour-day celebrations, so NorSK had invited everyone to DUB for a good time, and when it comes to partying norwegians don't turn down an invitation!

But the good times doesn't end with the parties, for last wednesday Carina invited me to a home-cooked dinner at her place. It was a wonderful 3 course meal starting with Panfried-tigerprawns with a sweet-chili dip before going on to the main course: A tenderloin steak served with *perfect* cream-baked potatoes, a garden salad and sugar-fried broccoli. And just to top off a already perfect meal she had prepared the absolute best Chocolate Fondue with ice-cream for dessert.
I can only say YUM,YUM and YUM again!
Add to this a homemade pizza we made together last sunday, and you'd almost get the impression that this girl really likes me! :-) Thank you a lot, Carina! <3

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