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May 16, 2004

Assignment work, parties and some movies

Brisbane Daily Life

Work, work, and more work. There seems to be no end to it, but now I've at least completed most of my assignments, and gotten well underway with both my job and my project. I do however fear I don't have enough time to complete the latter, but I'll just have to keep at it and hope it all works out in the end.

As best I can I try to keep a social life going despite the workload, so last friday I joined a bunch of people at Benedicte's place to play real-old-fashioned Monopoly! It was a great night, its just too bad neither of us has time to do such things very often for I really enjoyed myself there.
Also both last saturday and yesterday I accompanied Carina to the birthdayparties of some of the girls she is studying Journalism along with, and had a great time at both of them! Her classmates are fun people to be around and there even was a few other QUT-students attending so to not make it exclusive UQ-happenings. Congratulations goes to Pia, Julie and Kristin, all of whom throw awesome parties!

I've been spending a lot of time with Carina lately, so to get some variation from the everyday activities and weekendparties we have been watching some movies in between. First out were "Love Actually", and "Don't Say a Word" neither of which I found to be particulary good, but then they are not really to my taste in the first place. Without them beeing directly comparable I was a lot more taken in by "Van Helsing". It didn't came across as quite as polished and stylish as the similarily themed "Underworld", but it was definatly a cool movie with some great moments, and at least it's story made a lot more sense and was better fitted together than Underworld's, however much it strayed from the original legends it is based on.
"The Last Samurai" on the other hand was without doubt a fascinating film, and at that very gripping and powerful considering the reality behind it. I guess I especially took a liking to it as I am going to Japan in less than 2 months and due to this have had an interest in the country lately. I found the tale about the end of the Samurai as portrayed in the movie to be very intriuging, and after some research I even discovered that it for the most part was historically correct!
Historical correctness however was not a major point in "Troy", the epic story about Achilles and the fall of Troy through the wooden horse filled with soldiers that the Spartans left on the beach while feigning a retreat. However grandious the tale and the epic of the Illiad, the movie fell short on beeing overly focused on the romantic relationships between the main characters, and on the hero himself, Achilles. It's fair enough that Brad Pitt did a good job acting, but he isn't interesting enough to carry the movie all by himself, so while the movie at times was really good it didn't stay captivating throughout the hours.

Thats it for todays party and movie reviews, but tomorrow is Norways Constistution Day which will be celebrated with much parading, cheering and drinking! Stay tuned for a location report (if I can find the time)!

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